How about a week of Spring or Summer respite at Paradise Cottage!

Experience the quiet exuberance of Spring in mid-coast Maine!  Seanook Cottage Rentals has early June time open at Paradise Cottage.  This is at the rate of $1490/week or $220/night for two people.

Enjoy the tail end of spring the week of June 17th at $1590/wk for 2 people.

The mid-August week of August 12 is also available at Paradise Cottage at $1690/week for 2 people, and $1890/week for 4.  Call 207-633-6093 or email: [email protected]

The height of Fall color could also be enjoyed starting with open time October 14.  Come view the spectacle of color around Linekin Bay, or take a drive to find it elsewhere as well.