Mary Ellen’s Gardens surround Seanook, Paradise Cottage, and our shop/Studio and are fun to visit May through November; something new will always be blooming. However, the greens provide interest too with leaves of different shades, shapes, and sizes. The Studio Garden is Mary Ellen’s primary labor of love because she can maintain it without disturbing guests at Seanook or Paradise Cottage. But they also have gardens.

Red, white and blue – Red rhododendron with white dogwood and blue iris 6/18/17

Mary Ellen and Ron designed the Studio Garden by treading paths in freshly raked topsoil on July 27, 2009.

Initial lay-out of the Studio Garden, 2009
Initial lay-out of the Studio Garden, 2009

These beds are intended to be accessible all the way to the middle of each. Central ones feature grey or white foliage. Perimeter beds each has its own color scheme starting with pink on the west corner, moving around to gentle orange, then yellow on the northeast corner, yellow and blue, purple and chartreuse, blue with some lavender since true blue is such a difficult flower color, and finally white on the west.

The link below shows pictures of all the early gardens. These include Rugosa Roses by Seanook, Paradise Cottage Spirea, The Studio Garden, cherished wild Pyrola, an interesting Hydrangea that has not bloomed since 2013, Crocosmia Lucifer, Blue-eyed Grass, and two views of the Streambed Garden next to Paradise Cottage.

Here is a compilation of pictures from 2018.

2019 gardens are here.

Cimicifuga Simplex and Montauk Daisies in the Studio Garden in November 2018.

I did most of the gardening by myself in 2020 because of the COVID. But it was fun and rewarding. Check out the photos here and search for the video; it is hidden. Clue: look for the second narrow trellised entrance, the one that moves. It will take you in! .

The gardens in 2021 are here:

Highlights in Mary Ellen’s Gardens in 2022:

Stop by our Studio of stay at one of our cottages to fully enjoy the gardens!

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