It looks like we’ll have Spring in April!

The sap is already flowing here in Boothbay, so Spring could well come to us in April here on Linekin Bay!   Watch the wildlife, because they will be in anticipation.  Seagulls will be practicing voice for their nightime parties.  There will be excitement with other birds as well, & buds will be swelling, and plants will be poking up through leaffy duff.

We still have dates open for you in April and still at winter rates at both cottages.  Paradise Cottage for two people is just $1390 for a week (plus 2 free nights), or $200/night (2 night mnimum), or $500 for 3 nights.  Seanook for two people is $1550/week (plus 2 free nights), or $225/night (2 night minimum), or $580 for 3 nights.  We would love to welcome you to spring here!  Call us at 207-633-6093.

Seanook’s queen bedroom