Still April openings at Seanook!

April has availability at Seanook.  Two people can enjoy pristine solitude gazing over the sea and watching wildlife.  Floor-to-ceiling windows inform you of what is happening outside.  Though deciduous trees are bare, the stark beauty of our surroundings is simple and soothing, and loaded with spring potential.  It is a quiet time to rest and reflect.  Seanook has a full kitchen for your culinary pleasure.  Avail yourselves of Boothbay’s gourmet markets and/or restaurants, a few of which stay open all winter.  The pace is a bit slower and the attention is a bit warmer!

Take advantage of one of our Winter Specials: two people can rent three nights for $580; $680 for 4 people; or $780 for 6 people.  We are open to booking fall and winter 2023/24 at these rates NOW as well.  You can reserve a week for $1450 (two people) and get two free nights, or two weeks with a 10% discount.

Please check our Availability Calendar and then call or email us directly for a reservation! 207-633-6093.  We prefer to do our own booking, and it costs less for you as well.